Saturday, 13 June 2009

As they grow, they start to show

Over the past few weeks I have been on slug and snail duty when it gets dark. I can't believe how many slimey buggers I have disposed of, and that the numbers still stay constant in the garden. I dont seem to be able to make a dent in the population, but it seems that I have in keeping the crops for myself, and not as food for the gastropods.

Our first crop of runner beans and peas provided excellent slug food, and much to our dissappointment they managed to munch their way through the entire crops. I however picked up some nice plants at a local grocers, and these now grow where there was bare ground. The slug hunting has seen the plants survive so far, but we are far from safe. I shall continue with my midnight duty with a kebab stick, and empty plant pot ;)

The broad beans were subject to a totally different pest, and the tips of the plants had become infested with black fly. There were disposed of with a good spray with water mixed with washing up liquid. I have been keeping a fine eye on them, and as soon as they start to reappear they get another blast from the sprayer.
The pods are now beginning to form, and we should be able to start eating them very soon I hope.

The broccoli and sprouts continue to grow. A few of the leaves are getting munched, but so far I haven't been able to spot the culprit. I hunt every night, but no signs of slugs, snails or caterpillars.

The onions are also doing well. We have had about 10 so far produce a small flower, but these we all pulled out of the gound and eaten straight away before any loss occured to the onion itself. Very nice they were too.

Some of the onions are looking quite large now too. I cant wait to string them up

A few weeks ago we potted a load of squash seeds. We bought a pumpkin last year at Halloween to carve, and made soup with the flesh. I also salted and fried the seeds in chilli powder, and they were amazing. A small handfull of seeds were kept to plant, and these have all sprouted. I also did the same with another small squash. We have also sprouted some butternut squash seeds.
During the sprouting process I moved all of the pots about whilst watering, and now dont have a clue what is what, but they are all now in the garden, so this will be an interesting new patch.

The courgettes, scalloppini's and a lone cucumber are all doing well. Well the ones that survived the slug attack are.

We are now getting some courgettes forming. Phillipa wimpered in excitement when I called her down the garden to see this...!! Exciting times.

The tomato plants are doing well. I have cut the bottoms off of lemonade bottles, and stuck the neck into the grow bags. These are filled with water to act as a reservoir, and so far it seems to be working.

And the tomatos are beginning to form. I must admit to getting very excited when I first saw these growing.
And the passion fruit is coming into flower. This bush looks magnificent in full bloom, and then produces really sweet tasty fruit.