Wednesday, 28 March 2012

In go the tatty's

Today was a monumental day for us on the allotment. Today we put our first vegetables into the ground.
I spent just over two painstaking hours turning over the ground for the tatty's. The area sectioned off for them allowed for 4 rows to be planted.

The two right hand rows were planted with Desiree a main crop potato, the next row with Arran a first early, and the left hand row with Charlotte a salad variety. We only had 10 Charlotte seed potatoes, and each row had approximately 15 tubers, so the far end of the left had row was planted with more Arran tubers.

They have been fed with an organic pellet and some fish, blood and bone meal and covered in around 10cm of earth. To the left of each row is the remaining earth that will be used to earth up the plants as they grow

The runner bean frame has also now been completed, with a bottom brace at each side. All that is needed now is for string to be run for the plants to climb up, and finally to plant the beans. That's a month off yet though, but I'm glad its ready.

Next on the agenda is to sort out the marked area to the right of the tatty's for the onions to go in.

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