Monday, 30 April 2012

Rain Rain Go Away

It's been rather wet hasn't it?  This has halted play a little with me only managing to plant some beetroot seeds and a row of atomic red carrots.

Things are starting to show though.  The tattys keep breaking the surface, and I keep throwing soil over the top of them.  This serves two purposes, it keeps them from any frost we may get hit by but also allows for the better growth of the tubers.  Stops them from going green too.
The peas have also began to break through too.  This has excited me no end, and I am hoping that the wet weather has meant that the mice stay in their nice centrally heated homes rather than create havoc on our allotment by scoffing my peas.!  Well the though is nice isn't it!

Well this weekend I am off to The Bushcraft Magazine May Meet.  This is the fourth year is has run, and it gets better and better each year.  I just hope that the rain holds off as I shall be in a tent Friday to Monday.

If you are interested in Bushcraft at all I cannot recommend the magazine and the May meet enough.  Check it all out at

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